Our history

Our law firm was founded in 2013 by harassment lawyer Yair Cohen, after 20 years of experience of internet law with Bains Cohen (now Pinder Reaux), which he also founded. It was at Bains Cohen that he set up the first law department in any law firm in the UK. The purpose was to create a law firm which is dedicated to helping individuals solve legal issues that they encounter by using the internet.

Cohen Davis is a dedicated law firm that provides a full service to clients from all over the world with the focus entirely on internet law.

Since its inception, Cohen Davis has won a number of awards, but more importantly, scores of internet law cases which created legal precedents. Some of those cases, particularly in relation to privacy law and internet harassment, have been published. Many other cases have remained the property of the client who instructed this firm and will never be published in order to protect the clients’ right to privacy.

The firm now has 5 lawyers and its dedication to success, excellence and positive outcomes is as strong as it has even been.