Our missions statement

All our lawyers and staff are passionate about helping people, just like you, navigate through the legal challenges of internet law. Making a successful Right to be Forgotten application could be particularly challenges for most individuals.

Currently, there is an imbalance of powers between individuals and internet companies. Many of the major internet companies act with impunity. They misuse their powerful technological and financial advantages to suppress individual’s rights to privacy. Internet companies also suppress other legal rights, such as a right to be rehabilitated and a right to to private life. Some choose short terms commercial advantages over their customers’ basic and human rights.

It is our mission to stand up for our clients’ rights against those companies and win each and every Right to be Forgotten case that we take on.

Sometimes it takes a great deal of stubbornness, persistence and perseverance to achieve this mission. These are qualities which we ensure all our Right to be Forgotten lawyers possess.