Do I need a solicitor to make a Right to be Forgotten application?

You can make a Right to be Forgotten application yourself. Google provides a free form, which you can find here. However, in most cases your request for a Right to be Forgotten is more likely to succeed if you have it drafted and submitted professionally by us.

Of course, your local solicitor who handled your conveyancing report or traffic accident did a great job but here at Cohen Davis, we are specialists in Internet Law and Privacy Laws and we understand the intricacies and intelligence of the internet and how it works. If there are any other complexities that you may or may not know about, A Right to be Forgotten request may not be enough and you may feel that a request to a Search Engine Provider is only part of your concerns. We can assist you with that too.

From our knowledge, search engines (and particularly Google) have so far demonstrated lack of consistency with their response to Right to be Forgotten applications. Yes, Google staff are making the call and decisions about who gets to be forgotten. Often, it seems, the initial response to a Right to be Forgotten request is based on a personal view and the response, unfortunately, is not always founded on sound legal grounds. If your request was denied, it may leave you feeling helpless and/or frustrated.

In the case of this firm, we challenge any search engine’s adverse decision to the furthest possible extent, provided we believe that you have a good case. (It is unlikely that we agree to take on your case if we don’t believe that the web pages you are complaining about should be deleted or de-listed.)

Even if a request to Google that you do yourself is successful, they may only remove one item and even then, it is only a removal of the link and not the source. Whatever you want removed can always be found somewhere else. We have other options of assisting you, which we can send to Google, for them to act on in 14 days and they usually respond immediately, if it comes to that. Mostly, Google see that the application request has been submitted via an internet law firm and they remove everything quite quickly.

A Right to be Forgotten request forms the foundation of any future challenge that we might decide to make to the search engine’s decision. This is why it is important to ensure that the initial Right to be Forgotten request is drafted professionally by us.

Save time and money

When your initial Right to be Forgotten Request is prepared and submitted by Cohen Davis, you are more likely to save time and money.

Why? For a number of reasons. First, because the search engine is more likely to accept your request, which means that would be the end of the matter. Second, if the request is refused, Cohen Davis is more likely to satisfactorily address any issues with the search engine providers. Third, depending on the reason the search engine gives for declining the request, Cohen Davis will advise you whether you should push ahead with alternative options rather than continue pointless correspondence with the search engine provider.

Would any solicitor do?

A Right to be Forgotten Request requires specialist knowledge of internet law and in most cases a great deal of experience. Here at Cohen Davis, we are experts in all areas of internet law.

Our experience is hugely important to our clients because not only does it increase the likelihood of successful outcomes but our experience covers both the law and technical expertise, which often helps us explain clearly to the search engine provider why the data should be removed, from a technical point of view.

Instructing Cohen Davis to assist you with your Right to be Forgotten application, may also just take away any anxieties that you have about it, such as facing the past or feeling daunted by filling in the information correctly and even waiting for a response, when there isn’t a helpline or someone real to talk to online. Whereas, we are contactable 24/7.

Save time, money and your reputation and put it all behind you as soon as possible and call us now. We will work on it immediately. We will alleviate the stress that it is causing you and when you speak with our team, who are highly skilled and experienced, you will instantly know that you have done the right thing on your first step with your Right to be Forgotten application.