Why it is so difficult to remove images from Google image library under a right to be forgotten

Obtain help to remove unwanted images from search results from Google, Bing and other search providers.

There are many reasons for this, particularly, that  Google tends to store copies of images in image libraries which are located in 14 different locations around the world. Often you will find that an image that has already been removed from its original location still appears on search results and with  an unusual URL  such as https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pklnm5Vdgrh-8KWyPYgzgJZB4dzLbu5wEfW91RniOKjjA1vEr7IvNl9En-yNSMikaIP0EUwb1m8=w128-h128-e365

This indicates that the image is stored on one of Google’s image libraries. It could become a real challenge to persuade Google to delete an offending image from one of its image library, perhaps because this task involves specific technical requirements which are not always understood by those at Google who are in charge of de-listing information. Often, your request and recommendations will be passed on to the Google technical team who might need constant chasing and reminders before they take the necessary action to remove the image from the internet library.

Images that are particularly difficult to remove, tend to be images which had already been deleted from the original location or website but where a copy of the image had been left on one of Google’s image libraries.

Our experience means we assess the evidence and explain the issues clearly to remove images from the internet more rapidly than someone who had never dealt with such matters before.