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Right to be Forgotten celebrities

Right to be Forgotten celebrities

It was nearly 13 years since Suzan took part in the then popular television show Big Brother. At the time, she was under 20 year’s old and very keen to pursue a career in the media and entertainment. Suzan’s appearance turned out to be impressive. She stayed in the Big Brother House until the very last stages of the show and once evicted she did a number of photo shoots, including topless, with her images being published in the UK and abroad.

Since then, her images have been disseminated on the internet and have become widely and freely available on dozens of websites. Suzan has moved on, went to university and pursued a career, unrelated to the public profile she had pursued in her early years.

In 2013 Suzan got married and a year later she gave birth to a beautiful boy. Whilst previously she tried to pretend her images were not there, it was pointed out to her by friends and other parents that her semi-nude images could become a real problem for her son, making him to subject of bullying and depriving him from social activities.

Unfortunately for Suzan, the copyright for most of the images did not belong to her. She was therefore unable to enforce it under copyright law. However, having dealt with similar cases to her in the past, our Right to be Forgotten lawyers advised her on her rights under data protection law, as well as about rights that her children might have.

Following a number of communications with various website operators, our solicitors managed to have the majority of her images removed from websites across the globe. With the renaming images, our Right to be Forgotten lawyers used various Right to be Forgotten applications which ensured that her images were de-listed from Google searches to her name and from Google image galleries.

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