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Right to be forgotten examples

One of the most effective ways to succeed with any application or request is to find other what other people did before you, and what responses they had received. Learning from your own experience is great but learning from other people’s experience is smart!

If you are considering making a right to be forgotten application to Google, or to another internet service provider, we have dozens of examples of successful right to be forgotten requests, which you might want to consider before submitting  your own request.

These right to be forgotten examples relate to cases, situations and facts which are unique to each request. However, the examples show you what is possible to achieve when you know your law and are familiar with your legal rights.

Although each one of the right to be forgotten examples is unique, those who are most likely to succeed in delisting negative search results from Google or from other search engines are those who persist in a consistent way.

We are sharing a small sample of right to be forgotten examples for the purpose of helping others to succeed with their right to be forgotten requests. All the case studies and examples have been slightly modified to ensure the privacy of those involved is preserved.  

After reading the right to be forgotten examples here you may come to the conclusion that provided you have a reasonably good case, as long as you get your strategy right and are willing to see things through, you will be very likely get what you want, eventually.

There are dozens of right to be forgotten examples that you can search to see if any of the right to be forgotten examples resembles your own issue. The examples will help you better understand how to improve your right to be forgotten request
Questions about right to be forgotten applications
Removing links to MPTS decisions
Removing links to SDT decisions from Google
Right to be forgotten appeal against conviction
Right to be Forgotten by Celebrities
Right to be Forgotten Court Case
Right to be Forgotten Criminal Conviction
Right to be Forgotten Divorce Case
Right to be Forgotten doctors and Medical Profession
Right to be Forgotten Facebook
Right to be Forgotten Financial Services
Right to be Forgotten Porn Videos and Images
Right to be Forgotten School Teacher
Right to be Forgotten to Remove Adult Videos
Right to be Forgotten Twitter
Right to be Forgotten Unwanted Disclosure of Religious Belief
Right to be Forgotten USA application
Right to be forgotten victim of crime


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