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Rates and funding

Cost of a right to be forgotten application

The cost of a right to be forgotten submission would depend on a number of factors.

You can place a right to be forgotten submission for free

First, remember, you can make a right to be forgotten application yourself. Google provides a free form, which you can find here. However, in most cases your request for a right to be forgotten is more likely to succeed if you have it drafted and submitted professionally.

The costs of right to be forgotten submission, which is drafted professionally might be worth consideration, particularly if you want it followed up all the way to a successful conclusion with the support of a specialist internet lawyer with plenty of experience in the field.   

We offer a variety of payment options. The availability of each option would depend on your personal circumstances and on the complexity of your case. 

Fixed fees

Fixed fees is the payment option which is favoured by most of our clients. Fixed fees give you the certainty as to legal costs and would typically be set for each stage of your case. Fixed fees for a submission of a right to be forgotten, together with unlimited follow up communications with the search engine provider or the website operator, including the drafting and the service of a comprehensive Right to be Forgotten GDPR Notice and any follow up negotiations, start at £1,850 + VAT. It is worth considering a fixed fee whenever possible because if you were going to persist with your right to be forgotten application, you could find that each step in the process could involve legal costs, which most people prefer to know what they are in advance and have them fixed to ensure that the solicitor carries on pursuing the case as far as possible.  With a right to be forgotten, peristence will be one of the most important factors in your success.  

Hourly rates

Our hourly rates vary, depending on a the complexity of the the matter at hand and the experience of the solicitor who supports your case. We have specialist internet lawyers with over 20 years of practical experience, which is more than any other law firm in the UK. The hourly rates for our lawyers is between £200-£375. What you are paying for is their experience and expertise. The more experienced your solicitor is, the faster they will be able to have articles removed from the internet for you. 

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)

A CFA, (also known as no win no fee), is available in cases where the search engine provider unreasonably refuses to de-list offending search results, leaving our client with little alternative to taking the search engine provider to court.

We are only able to take on a Right to be Forgotten case on a no win no fee basis in rare cases where there is a need to litigate against the search engine provider or against another third party. Once litigation has commenced, there is a right to recover the winning party’s legal costs from the other side, which means, if we win your case, we will get paid at the end by the other side. 


We take on cases on a pro-bono basis. This means that we work on your case for free. We use our absolute discretion to decide whether to take on a particular Right to be Forgotten case on a pro-bono basis.


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