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Right to be forgotten GDPR Notice

The origin of the right to be forgotten was with a European court's decision that an individual had a right to have links to search results delisted from Google searches in relation to his or her name. When GDPR came into force, in May 2018, the right to be forgotten was formalised by local laws in each European country state and the scope of the right to be forgotten started to become a bit clearer. 

When you submit a right to be forgotten request,  which is denied by the search engine provider, you can (and should) serve the search engine with a formal right to be forgotten GDPR Notice. The GDPR Notice is a legal document which gives the search engine provide 1 month to respond to the link removal request. The legal effect of a right to be forgotten GDPR Notice is similar to that of a letter before legal action that you are required to send to your opponent before filing a claim against them in the the courts. 

Usually, within the right to be forgotten GDPR Notice, you will be pleading your case (in the legal sense) for your legal right to have links to the offending articles removed from internet searches. Therefore, your right to be forgotten GDPR Notice needs to be detailed as to law and in fact should address the facts and the law in an objective manner, including all the relevant information, even if you think it might not be helpful to your case. 

Deal with every possible objection (defence) you think the search engine might bring up. If, for example,  in response to your right to be forgotten request, Google told you that it believed there was still public interest in continuing to process the offending links, within your right to be forgotten GDPR Notice, make sure you fully address the objection. 

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