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Right to be forgotten news article

A fair number of a right to be forgotten applications relate to news articles. The difficulty with news articles is that they are published permanently and, in most cases, enjoy from exceptions to the right to be forgotten principles. Generally speaking, newspapers enjoy an exception to the right to be forgotten because of the principle of freedom of press.

There is also often a public interest in the continuance publication of news stories even if the news stories are old and perhaps are irrelevant to the individual making the right to be forgotten request. The public interest is an exception by itself. As newspapers are an important tool for academic research, the continuance publication of a news article subject to a right to be forgotten request could also be justified on this ground, which by itself is another exception to the right to be forgotten principle.

The right of newspapers to continue publishing a news article, subject to a right to be forgotten request has some limitations. First, if the article is defamatory, or of harassing nature, you should consider asking the newspapers to have it removed on these grounds. Second, there isn’t a requirement for newspapers to make all their news articles available for Google to find.

In response to a right to be forgotten request, a newspaper editor can place a special HTML code on a specific web page, which contains the article which is the subject of the a right to be forgotten, and the code will prevent Google from listing the specific news article page. You might then need to ask for a Google delisting to make sure that any previously listing by Google of the news article is being cancelled.

Third, because internet search engines do not enjoy some of the right to be forgotten exceptions that newspapers editors benefit from, you can always direct your right to be forgotten request to the search engine rather than to the newspaper editor. This is where you likelihood of success in removing news articles under a right to be forgotten will substantially increase.

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