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Taking Google to court under a Right to be Forgotten

If you believe that the search engine, Google, Bing or Yahoo, act unreasonably or  unfairly with your right to be forgotten application, feel free to take them to court.

When would you need to file a claim against Google or other search engines under GDPR

If a search engine provider unreasonably persists with its refusal to comply with a justified right to be forgotten application, you will need to serve it with a formal GDPR Notice.

The consequence of an internet search engine provider’s failure to comply with a GDPR Notice, is to allow you to take your case to court.

In the past, when Google and other search engines refused to adhere to our formal notices, we have had little alternative but to take the matter to court on behalf of our clients. All the claims that we have so far filed against Google, resulted in a settlement and the de-listing of the offending material from internet searches.

It seems that internet companies that are based outside of the EU tend to persist with refusal to de-list material from the internet only until they are taken to court. So far, whenever our clients persisted, they always won an eventual de-listing of offending links from internet search results, winning their right to be forgotten.

Are you totally fed up with people Googling your name and judging you by old errors?

It's time to do something about it. If you need help in removing material from the internet, give us  a call 0207 183 4123. We are the only law firm that specialises in this area of law. We have a log of experience in this area and we promise that our friendly lawyers will put you at ease of law and help you in reclaiming your life. There is a high likelihood that we will be able to help you remove unwanted content from the internet, including  articles, videos and social media posts.


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